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Growing coffee. Brewing change.


About Us

Our organization aims to create a sustainable, comfortable, and satisfying life for Honduran farmers who produce the coffee beans we sell, as well as the communities they belong to. We do so by using the majority of our profits to provide additional opportunities to farmers that may not be available in Honduras such as a high value market.


We strive to give our customers an excellent cup of coffee while promoting a fair price to the farmers we work with. Our coffee is considered specialty grade with a cupping score greater than 80. Cafe El Zapote is a not-for-profit company located in located in Ames, Iowa and we sell coffee all across the United States through our online store. 


We use our coffee to inspire action. 


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How you can help!

The origin of coffee is often overlooked. The coffee we produce has a story that is emphasized in everything we do. There’s more to coffee than meets the eye when talking about Cafe El Zapote. Our organization came into existence to support a community of hardworking individuals in Honduras. We provide a helpful hand to those who demonstrate great potential and dedication but are unable to succeed based on impoverished living conditions. Cafe El Zapote utilizes awareness in a way that gives our non-profit a motivational tool for making positive changes.

Now it's your turn to ask... how can I help change the world?

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